Manufacturer Supported Dealer Programs

Max Finkelstein, Inc. offers our dealers participation in the following manufacturer-sponsored retailing programs. All of these programs provide access to brand awareness through national promotions and corporate identification. Dealers who become associate dealers of Max Finkelstein, Inc. profit from the exclusive benefits available through these programs.

  • Goodyear G3Xpress

    If you are a dealer who would like to benefit from all of the national sales and advertising programs available from Goodyear as a direct dealer, but still want the close personal relationship of a local supplier, this is the program you should consider for your future. The G3Xpress program features all Goodyear, Dunlop, Kelly and Fierce brand consumer products.

  • Goodyear G3Xpress Commercial

    If you are a commercial only "bolt-on" dealer, this is the program for you. It allows you to buy locally through your established wholesale distributor, but still supply all of the national and government accounts in your market. The G3Xpress Commercial program features Goodyear, Dunlop and Kelly brand commercial products.

  • Pirelli FasTrack

    Independent Premium Tire Retailers electing to become part of the Pirelli Associate Dealer Program will be eligible for Volume Rewards, Point of Sale Material, Signage, Travel Rewards and much more! You will also be able to participate in the Pirelli National Account Program allowing you to deliver premium OE Pirelli products to car dealers within your local trading area.

  • Kumho Premium Fuel

    Kumho has created a dealer program that allows you to make bonus cash on every qualifying mainstream Kumho tire you sell. Bonuses will be earned upon reaching a minimum of any 12 eligible Kumho products units in a quarter.

  • Kenda Traction

    As the exclusive distributor of the Kenda passenger and light truck lines in our trade area, we are proud to offer our newest associate dealer program – Kenda Traction. As a Kenda Traction Associate Dealer you will be eligible to earn quarterly cash payouts, co-op funding and inclusion in the dealer locator.